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Allergies & Itching

Dog & Cat Allergies & Itching in Louisville, Kentucky

Dogs and cats often scratch and chew at themselves because of allergies. There are many new prescription treatments which can help make them comfortable again. Please call for an appointment so that your pet can be evaluated to see which treatment will work best. Allergy Symptoms Include:


  • Licking Paws or Elsewhere 

  • Scratching

  • Pawing at Their Face

  • Wallowing on Their Back

  • Rubbing Along the Couch

  • Ear Infections/Shaking Head

  • Sneezing/Watery Eyes

  • Vomiting


  • Scratching

  • Excessive Grooming

  • Scabs or Missing Hair

  • Ear Infections/Scratching Ears

  • Vomiting Food

  • Throwing Up More Hairballs

  • Missing Litterbox

  • Being Withdrawn & Unsocial

  • Poor Appetite

Dog & Cat Allergies & Itching in Louisville, Kentucky
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