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Litter Box Problems

Cat Litter Box Problems in Louisville, Kentucky

Cats commonly suffer from a number of problems which can lead to not using the litter box. It is very important to set up an appointment the first time that the cat shows any of these symptoms:

  • Urinating Outside of the Litter Box

  • Having a Bowel Movement Outside the Litter Box

  • Crying When Using the Litter Box

  • Any Blood Seen in Urine or Stool

  • Straining to Have a Bowel Movement or Urinate

  • Dribbling Urine

  • Urinating Objects or in the Sink

We can help with testing, treatments, and management tips. Many diseases can lead to problems with litter box use, including bladder infections, bladder stones, kidney disease, constipation, or even diabetes. We will need to examine your cat and do testing to determine which problem your cat has in order to set up a plan for treatment.

We have separate waiting and exam rooms for cats and dogs, to ease your cat’s visit.

Cat Litter Box Problems in Louisville, Kentucky
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